SprintIT factoring


This module implements factoring functionality for Nordea and OP banks. Might support other factoring operators also.


Factoring settings are located in Accounting -> Configuration -> Settings -> Manage Factoring Settings

Create entry for each factoring agreement you have. Each factoring agreement is accessible form all companies.

Each Factoring agreement has company independant data under header "Factoring Agreement Information" Company dependant information is located under header "Company Factoring Settings". In multi-company environment you have to fill in "Factoring Agreement Information" only once. "Company Factoring Settings" need to be filled in for each company separately.


  • Customer can be marked as Factoring customer (Sales & Purchase) tab. If factoring is enabled Factoring agreement need to be selected. This is company dependant setting for each customer.
  • When factoring customer is invoiced, bank account, invoice receivable account and journal are automaticaly substituted from factoring agreement company settings.
  • Reference number can be set to be generated according to Nordea or OP standards for factoring
  • Special factoring data is added to finvoice document according to Nordea and OP specs
  • In customer invoices and credit notes print-outs only factoring bank account is shown if factoring is activated for that invoice