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Easily filter and select the timesheets that needs to be invoiced. In standard Odoo Community all the timesheets that are not yet invoiced will be added automatically into new Invoice. With this module the user can select the timesheets that are to be invoiced - e.g. only the timesheets that were created last month.

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Easily select and validate only the wanted Timesheets for invoicing. No need to invoice all uninvoiced hours at once - just filter and validate for invoicing e.g. only the Timesheets belonging to last month and create an Invoice.




  • Predefined filters for easy selection of Timesheets
  • Validation of Timesheets to be invoiced

Configuration [back]

No need for configuration. However, this functionality can be set off without uninstalling the whole module by unchecking option from: Settings -> Timesheets -> Timesheets Validation.

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Timesheet validation [back]

Go to "All Timesheets", click filter "Unvalidated" and suitable date filter. Select the wanted Timesheets and click "Validate Timesheets" from the Action-menu.

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Invoicing the validated [back]

After the validation made in "All Timesheets", go to Sales -> Orders and see the "Delivered amount" from Order. Next, create a new Invoice normally. Now the Invoice will be created from validated but not yet invoiced Timesheets instead of all unvoiced Timesheets.

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