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Manage all your shippings with nShift Shipping Connector directly from Odoo! With the app, you can contact all 150+ nShift supported carriers by EDI messages. Also any local carriers can be used. Module sends shipping information with configurable addon services to nShift/carrier and fetches waybills and delivery slips for printing from Odoo.

Using nShift's services requires contract between you and nShift/nShift. Contact nShift for more information.

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SprintIT App provides easy- to-use interface to nShift. App sends data from picking to nShift in JSON.

No need to add multiple shipping connectors. All you need is this connector between Odoo and nShift.

SprintIT video guides and our support ensures smooth operation.

This module is regularly updated and already in use in several clients.

Carrier package codes, print favorites and carrier specific addon servives can be configured from Odoo.

What is nShift transportation system? [back]

With nShift's TM-systems you can handle all your shipments fast, easy and efficiently.

There are over 150 carriers connected to nShift's service and new ones are continuously connected.

nShift's free customer service can be reached by phone or e-mail on workdays.

Correct EDI ensures that your carrier gets all necessary information regarding your shipments in a correct and safe way.

You can easily print all of your necessary freight documents from Odoo as many times as you like.

Using nShift's services requires contract between you and nShift. Contact nShift for more information.




  • Create new deliveries from Odoo to nShift. Mass creation for multiple deliveries is supported.
  • Download delivery and freight pdf slips to Odoo for printing.
  • Send email notifications to customers from nShift. Can be disabled from configuration.
  • Separate test mode which prevents sending emails.
  • Uses nShift's REST JSON api.
  • Handling of dangerous goods.
  • Schedule shipments.
  • Configure most carrier specific addon services without coding.
  • Full support for multiple companies.
  • Commercial pro forma invoices.

Usage prerequisities

  • A service contract with nShift to use the REST api and chosen services.
  • PyPDF2 python external library is needed for pdf handling and printing.

Configuration [back]

nShift connection settings

NOTE! Under test mode, shippings are still send to nShift. Test mode means that word "TEST" appears to all printouts.
When testing connection and sending to nShift it is a must to discard/cancel shippings manually from the nShift to avoid unnecessary shipments.

Carrier package codes

Print favorites: Case dangerous goods

Warehouse quick ID's

NOTE! Warehouse information in nShift must be up-to-date. Odoo will send warehouse quick ID to nShift and find corresponding match.

Delivery methods

How to use [back]

Filling information for shipping, minimum requirements

NOTE! Measured weight overwrites weight field. See FAQ for more information about weights.

Selecting addon services

Multiprinting and sending to nShift

Scheduling shipments

Setting default carrier package code

Menu structure [back]

  -> Unifaun
    -> Settings
    -> Carrier Package Codes
    -> Print Favorites
    -> Warehouses Quick IDs
    -> Delivery Methods

FAQs [back]

Is this app compatible with Odoo Enterprise as well as Community?
Yes, the app works perfectly well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise tested) as well as Community. Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow installation of third-party apps and hence this app cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

I need an extra feature in this app (e.g. new business logic for addon services that are not yet supported). Please note that most of the addon service configurations do not need any coding. How can I request it?
Please contact us to request customization.

Do I get free upgrades and configuration advices if I purchase the app?
Yes, you can download new versions of this app from Odoo's App store. Also free configuration advices are included in the price. See Odoo Apps FAQ for more information. Please contact us to request customization.

Is it possible to manage local carriers with this app?
Yes, this app can manage local carriers. You just need to add them as neutral carriers in nShift. Contacting is done in email messages (not EDI messages). Please contact nShift support for more information.

Coming features [back]

  • Direct Printing support with Ventor App.

For developers [back]

Automated tests
The purpose of automated tests is to verify that Odoo data is copied to proper fields of JSON message and general validity of message. Two tests are implemented: one for test checkbox selected and another for test checkbox left empty.

What automated tests actually do?

  • Automated tests create all necessary data for generating nShift messages e.g. warehouse, customer, sale orders, delivery order, delivery method, delivery method addons.
  • Tests generate JSON message.
  • JSON message is compared to message from real customer case.
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